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by on May.03, 2013, under General News

In Drama, I played the role of the person who was trapped and drowned in one of the cabins.

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Drama – The Titanic

by on May.03, 2013, under General News

I really enjoyed Drama today. It was really interesting learning about all the different people on board and what it must have been like for them when the ship began to sink.

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Drama – The Titanic

by on Apr.24, 2013, under General News

This week in drama we class 6a learnt about some of the people who lost their lives on the doomed voyage. What did you learn about the Captain? What happened to the workers in the engine room? Why did the crew not inform the passengers of the danger they were in? How must they have felt as the ship began to sink?

Drama – The Titanic on PhotoPeach

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Titanic – Drama

by on Mar.14, 2013, under General News

Class 6a re-enacted a discussion between the owners of the White Star Line regarding the number of lifeboats.

Drama- The Building of the Titanic on PhotoPeach

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Drama – The building of the Titanic

by on Feb.12, 2013, under General News

Year 6 have studied what life was like for the people who built the Titanic.

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